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lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

I´m shining like a fireworks show over your sad, empty town.

That´s the true. I´m not going to waste my time missing nothing anymore. The life is like a game, and in a game you always find cheats. But theay can´t avoid me. I really love my life. I really love my friends, they are perfect, they are wonderful, they are everything. I wasted my time with you. But now, it doesn´t really matter. This is my beggin. Right now. My life, my happines is waiting for me. I feel shining like a fireworks show over you. You tried to destroyed me but I didn´t leave you. I´m strong, I´m the one that continue. Now, finally I can speak about you without crying. And I feel really good! This is wonderful! I can walk without rocks in the pocket (You get it? hahaha!) You was right, this is the end, yes, of course, this is YOUR END.

P.D. La foto no pega, pero tenia que subirla. Es Taylor en Madrid, una foto que yo le saqué!

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